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 Winter seems like it’s just around the corner… and I’m afraid…! Please tell me that for once, winter will forget to show up and that I can get back to running outside, playing tennis and eating great BBQ meals? Pleassseee? …. ah well, if you are somewhere in the world where preparing for the upcoming snow is not necessary, you might have some free time in which case I highly recommend these readings:)

Invest $25K, Make Money And Don’t even dip into your pocket @ TheDividendGuyBlog
Do demographic changes affect stock returns? @ A Rich Life
China tech IPO’s turning into horor stories @ DigiCha
USA unemployment rate drops to 8.6% @ Curious Cat
Why we can’t have our cake and eat it too @ BalanceJunkie
What are dividend cuts and raises? @ WhatIsDividend
Canadian Insurance Dividend Plays @ CanadianDividendStock
Tech Millionaire: “The Rich Aren’t Job Creators” @ WSJ
Why Do Foreign Banks Need Dollars? @ NYTimes
Apple vs. Samsung @ The Big Picture

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