Ultimate Sustainable Dividend Portfolio – June 2014 Update – Not Slowing Down!

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moneytreeIn September 2011, I did some in-depth research to find long term sustainable dividend stocks and have been doing updates on this Ultimate Sustainable dividend portfolio since then in the attempt to show how well such a portfolio can perform over the long term. I would personally say that things have been going very well and will certainly continue to evolve. I do have a few more things planned which I will discuss in the near future.

The USDP is obviously a critical part of my now very public quest to replace my job income with passive income. you can see my most recent update here.

The past month was an active one as I did a few “major” trades in the portfolio. Yes, I did end up missing out on a huge rebound in Intel Corp (INTC) but I do still feel like those were the right moves. INTC has stopped increasing its dividend which is a big warning sign here.

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Keep in mind that this portfolio was built by selecting 20 stocks out of thousands. The goal is not to pick the best dividend stocks but rather to pick a diversified, high quality portfolio that will keep dividends increasing over time.

Here are the holdings as of last night to start off:

TickerNameSharesJune 17 2014 PriceJune 17 2014 Values
OMCOmnicom Group Inc32$70.37$2,251.84
MSFTMicrosoft Corp74$41.68$3,084.32
JCIJohnson Controls Inc42$49.84$2,093.28
PEPPepsiCo Inc/NC30$87.28$2,618.40
ETNEaton Corp33$76.16$2,513.28
DOVDover Corp26$89.41$2,324.66
ITWIllinois Tool Works Inc29$87.97$2,551.13
XLNXXilinx Inc39$47.47$1,851.33
SJMJM Smucker Co/The21$106.10$2,228.10
BLKBlackRock Inc13$312.05$4,056.65
TROWT Rowe Price Group Inc31$82.73$2,564.63
OXYOccidental Petroleum Corp24$102.74$2,465.76
XOMExxon Mobil Corp21$102.42$2,150.82
ADIAnalog Devices Inc46$55.70$2,562.20
HASHasbro Inc31$52.41$1,624.71
MATMattel Inc45$38.65$1,739.25
BAXBaxter International26$73.17$1,902.42
IVZInvesco Ltd69$37.35$2,577.15
TXNTexas Instruments Inc32$48.26$1,544.32
VWOVanguard FTSE Emerging Markets61$43.36$2,644.96
BNDVanguard Total Bond Market34$81.62$2,775.08

Dividends Received

I really can’t complain much here. Thanks to good picks and the $1000 that I’m adding every month, my portfolio continues to generate more and more money. It will generate $134 which is a full 46% more than the June 2013.



Ultimate Sustainable Dividend Portfolio News

It was a quiet month with the summer now in full swing but there was still one upgrade:

OMCOmnicom Group IncDividend increase from $0.40 to $0.50, a 25% increase


Despite now having some asset classes such as bonds that underperform in rising markets, the USDP still managed to catch up a bit with S&P500 total return index!




After a few trades to rebalance the portfolio, I’m now happy with where things are and will likely keep things in line for now.
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