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By: ispeculatornew | Date posted: 04.20.2008 (7:50 pm)

I came across recently and I think the website has the potential to be a great place to find information about stocks. Wikinvest is a “wiki” website (like Wikipedia) where regular people contribute the information to the site.

Wiki websites that don’t have a lot of contributors aren’t very good but Wikinvest already has a lot of contributors and quite a bit of information. Small caps and mid caps don’t have very much information provided but larger, well known companies have pretty extensive coverage. There are also “reasons to buy” and “reasons to sell” provided for each stock.

I am all for small investors helping each other out and I think Wikinvest is a great place to do this. As Wikinvest grows it should be a great place to find information and research stocks.