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Greed, Fear, and Greater Fools

By: ispeculatornew | Date posted: 03.06.2008 (10:09 pm)

COIN – Converted Organics (Nasdaq) – (Closing Price – $16.59) 

I have referred to “greater fools” and the term “hope a dope” a couple of times and the company Converted Organics (COIN) is a perfect example of what I was talking about.

I came across Converted Organics on a day trading stock blog a few weeks ago and I have been following the stock out of curiosity. The stock price of Converted Organics has risen from around two dollars to the current price of $16.59 in the past half year. I am not sure what initially caused the stock price to surge but the stock price has continued to go up on sheer speculation.

Essentially people are buying the stock and hoping other fools will continue to buy the stock and send the share price up. The only thing Converted Organics has going for it is the company has an extremely low float (number of tradable shares). That is the major reason speculators have been able to manipulate the share price up. (more…)