Research in motion (RIMM) – Palm(PALM) announce results – One winner….

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blackberryToday was a very interesting day for the mbile makers as what many consider to be the two big Apple(AAPL) rivals announced results a few minutes ago. A few years ago, the cell phone makers were led by companies like Ericsson, Nokia. But nowadays, it is all about smartphone and while Apple is new in the field, it has already set both Research in Motion and Palm on the defensive. And now that Google has its own phone & software (Android), things will heat up for all 3 of these players in the smartphone field.

Remember how internet companies (especially before the dot com bust) were judged more on their visitors than actual revenues/profits? It seems like both of these companies will have to go through similar judgments. Of course, in their case, the big number is the amount of subscribers/users (RIMM added 4.4 millions subscribers).

palm-pre1For Palm, let’s face it, expectations are quite low as estimates were for a loss of $0.33/share so there will be a lot more weight about their own forecasts for 2010. Do they still expect to be able to turn things around thanks to their newly launched Palm Pre? I’m personally very skeptical about anyone who is battling with RIMM and Apple.

For Research in Motion, it is quite a different situation. While it is having trouble gaining market share and is in many regards behind Apple’s Iphone, the truth is that among business consumers, it remains by far the $1 choice nad it seems unlikely to lose that title anytime soon.

So let’s get down to the numbers…!

RIMM Estimated Earnings Per share: 1,04$
RIMM Result: 1,10$

PALM Estimated loss per share:  .33$
PALM Result: -.37$

Congrats RIMM… more to come:)

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  1. Comment by PALM — March 3, 2010 @ 2:42 pm

    PALM is taking a beating but is good for a bounce or merger/acquisition play.

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