Microsoft (MSFT) under attack, is it about to go under??? (Part 1 of 6)

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darksoftNo doubt, this is quite a different era for Microsoft. Just a decade ago, Microsoft was under attack by competitors but not through innovation and new products, rather through courts and legislation as many companies and government officials thought Microsoft was too dominant and was abusing its monopoly. How things have changed…. In a matter of a few years, the company at the roots of technology has ventured into different markets and has enjoyed some success but now looks like it will be in a difficult situation for the next few years.

To make matters worse, Microsoft is currently under attack in more and more markets to the point where we can ask ourselves what its future will look like in the near future. Crazy? Barely. Over the next two weeks, we will be publishing a series that will look into Microsoft’s success in competing against Apple (the famour Mac vs PC war as well as handheld devices (Ipod vs Zune), Google (Search, Software such as Office as well as operating systems) and even gaiming as XBox competes with Sony and Nintento.

And with Bill Gates heading out of the company slowly, it is not clear where the leadership will come from in the next few months and years. And with Microsoft recently doing its first bond issue, it is clearly trying to get even more cash, but to what purpose? That is not clear. And Microsoft recently launched “Bing”, a major attempt to regain some momentum in the lucrative and key search business. Anyway, without further wait, here are the subjects of the next 4 posts:

2-Apple (PC vs MC) & Zune
3-Mozilla (Firefox)
4- Nintendo
5-Google (Monopoly, Office, Windows vs Android)
6-Google (, bing, monopoly)

As well, we will look into different ways we beleive Microsoft could use to become more competitive and insure that it can not only survive but also strive in the next few years. It could be debated over and over if Microsoft is getting too spread out as it tries to compete in multiple industries. Will Microsoft go bankrupt soon? No, I don’t think anyone could pretend that. But is Microsoft going to become increasingly irrelevant? That might be a legitimate question and one that no one knows the answer to. But we certainly have a few ideas and we’d also love to hear your ideas on the subject.

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  1. Comment by Frank — June 9, 2009 @ 9:13 am

    A few years ago, Microsoft had a monopoly in personal computer. Anyways, most of the practices was unclear, that MSFT was abusing its monopoly. Enough time has passed since the litigation occurred. Now competitive conditions have improved, I think it’s normal that this results in many new entrants, therefore will decrease profitability.

    I certainly agree that MSFT will have to deploy time and money in order to stay in the game!!! Looking forward the series!!!!

  2. Comment by Simpless — June 9, 2009 @ 9:37 am

    I was reading an interesting article recently and it mentioned that Microsoft’s future as a pioneer of technological innovation was to hiring the creme de la creme of ‘core tech’ talent – developers, programmers, testers and managers.

    It’s interesting to see the corporate image of MSFT evolved over the years and see if ‘techies’ would rather choose MSFT (giant machine) vs other creative and innovative players…

  3. Comment by François — June 9, 2009 @ 11:10 am

    I don’t know if actual weakened economy would push enterprises from on-premise computing to accessing services over the cloud computing. This would be a major launching pad for Microsft?


  4. Comment by IS — June 11, 2009 @ 4:08 pm

    @Frank… true, but they had ample of time to get ready for competition by improving their products or entering new markets with a superior product…

    @Simpless: Yes, I think they are certainly trying and they are probably hiring many as they have big incentives to offer… but still difficult to compete against hype from Facebook, Twitter, etc…

    @Francois: Yes, I will not touch this subject I think, or at least not in depth, but cloud computing is one area Microsoft counts a lot on, problem is that they are already playing catch up…

  5. Comment by Frank — June 12, 2009 @ 7:44 am

    hehe true that. adding competition would only help us to have better technology and products! but I don’t think that Microsoft has rested on its laurels…

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