March 2010 Top US dividend stocks in the S&P500!

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It is the time once again to do an update of what has become one of the more anticipated posts on IntelligentSpeculator as we do a summary of the best candidates for dividend stocks when investing in the broad US markets and more specifically in the S&P500 index!

As always, I urge investors to look at the dividends offered but also the general health of the company to ensure that they will be able to maintain a high payout! You better look at the entire list to find the rare companies that are not only paying dividends but also who keep taking up their dividend offering a solid long term growth perspective.

As was the case in past months, many communication companies dominate these charts as they have kept up the payments despite being in a rocky environment with lots of competition! I personally would strongly consider a company like Verizon(VZ) which does have issues but is generally still a solid player in the mobile industry and offers a dividend yield close to 7%!

What are your favourites on this list?

Top March 2010 Dividend stocks

TickerNameSharesJuly 28 2014 PriceJuly 28 2014 Values
OMCOmnicom Group Inc32$72.96$2,334.72
MSFTMicrosoft Corp74$43.97$3,253.78
JCIJohnson Controls Inc42$48.65$2,043.30
PEPPepsiCo Inc/NC30$90.97$2,729.10
ETNEaton Corp33$76.75$2,532.75
DOVDover Corp26$88.11$2,290.86
ITWIllinois Tool Works Inc30$84.75$2,542.50
XLNXXilinx Inc39$41.33$1,611.87
SJMJM Smucker Co/The21$104.08$2,185.68
BLKBlackRock Inc13$316.43$4,113.59
TROWT Rowe Price Group Inc31$80.25$2,487.75
OXYOccidental Petroleum Corp24$99.82$2,395.68
XOMExxon Mobil Corp21$104.37$2,191.77
ADIAnalog Devices Inc46$50.55$2,325.30
HASHasbro Inc31$51.14$1,585.34
MATMattel Inc45$35.42$1,593.90
BAXBaxter International26$76.47$1,988.22
IVZInvesco Ltd69$38.43$2,651.67
TXNTexas Instruments Inc32$47.35$1,515.20
VWOVanguard FTSE Emerging Markets81$45.14$3,656.34
BNDVanguard Total Bond Market46$82.15$3,778.90

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