I Love What Tesla ($TSLA) Is Trying To Accomplish

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teslaTechnology is a beautiful thing isn’t it? It’s changed our lives in so many ways and it feels like things are just getting started in this new “connected” world. There are however major challenges when new technologies have to disrupt existing industries, especially when a powerful industry is involved.

One big example of course is Uber which has been growing incredibly quickly and continues to face all kinds of challenges as it competes not only with other startups (Lyft and others) but more importantly Taxis which are seeing their entire industry be challenged. Unfortunately, they are often succeeding in making life difficult even though that is not what the end consumers want. There are plenty of examples but this Washington Post story about the battle in Seattle gives you a good idea.

Another company that is causing a lot of drama is Tesla. They are doing many disruptive things including of course going for electric cars. Another thing that they’re trying to do is make it possible for consumers to buy directly from the company. In this era of the internet, it doesn’t seem crazy right? Yes, a lot of consumers want to try out a car before buying but many others know exactly what they want and they’d like to buy online in the same they would buy a book, an ipod/iphone or even an engagement ring. Somehow, that’s causing an issue.

In New Jersey, it’s been ruled illegal to buy a car without going through a dealer. Why? A big reason of course is that the dealers are grouping together putting money and resources to force the change. It’s highly disappointing because there is no “good” reason in my opinion. Dealers have value and should stay in business as should taxis. Consumers should also have the option of getting other types of transportation or buying their car on the internet. I don’t see any logical reason to block these.

Do you see a reason? I will personally continue to cheer on those who try to cause disruption that would result in more/better options for consumers.

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