Looking Back At My 2013 Tech Stock Power Rankings

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The start of a new year is always a very interesting time for me for so many reasons. I’ll stick to blogging & investing for today:) As most of you know, I do reset my long & short tech stock trades every year. I also tend to make various predictions in January but before getting into that, it’s important to take a look back to see how I did last year. If not, what’s the point right? One of the biggest and most time consuming set of predictions I do is the annual power rankings where I rank the list of stocks that I follow. I had done extremely well in my 2012 rankings but last year was not as good:) You win some (tech stock trades, speculative picks, USDP, etc) and lose some others right?

You can see my 2013 predictions post here:

IntelligentSpeculator’s 2013 Tech Stock Power Rankings

As you can expect, I plan on publishing my 2014 power rankings later this week:)

Biggest Miss I Should Have Seen: Netflix (NFLX) – Now that I think about it, it seems fairly obvious. A great company with great management that made smart moves and is fairly unique in how it operates. I have generally been a big believer in Netflix on this blog so having the company near the bottom of my rankings is my biggest mistake.

Biggest Miss I Could Not Have Seen: WebMD (WBMD) – It’s extremely difficult to start investing or anticipating what will happen in companies that end up being targets of private equity funds, takeover rumors, etc. This company has said that profits will decline in the next few years but the stock has remained extremely strong.

Stubborn or Stupid? – I continue to believe in many of these rankings and I’d be surprised to see a complete revamp for my 2014 rankings. Am I being blind? Or will the market catch up with what I see? Companies such as Zillow (Z) and Trulia (TRLA) continues to look overvalued

I Actually Did Well On Apple (AAPL): Despite the smaller return on Apple, as most of you know, I did end up doing very well on the stock because I bought it later in the year after the stock had dropped significantly.  The other big stake I hold is in Facebook (FB) which is the top performer in my top 10 and one of the big ones… so the lesson? Follow my trades and not my rankings? Haha.. Perhaps.

To simplify your life, here are the stocks in my original order with their actual return here:

2013 IntelligentSpeculator Technology Stock Power Rankings

Stock/Company Actual 2013 Return
1 Apple (AAPL) 8.06%
2 Baidu (BIDU) 77.37%
3 Google (GOOG) 58.43%
4 Facebook (FB) 105.30%
5 Amazon (AMZN) 58.96%
6 LinkedIn Corp (LNKD) 88.84%
7 eBay Inc (EBAY) 7.58%
8 TripAdvisor (TRIP) 97.59%
9 Priceline (PCLN) 87.37%
10 Yahoo (YHOO) 103.22%
11 OpenTable Inc (OPEN) 62.64%
12 Dice Holdings (DHX) -21.02%
13 Rackspace Hosting Inc
14 ValueClick Inc (VCLK) 20.40%
15 Microsoft Corp (MSFT) 44.28%
16 Zynga (ZNGA)
17 Demand Media (DMD) -37.89%
18 Expedia Inc (EXPE) 14.50%
19 IAC InteractiveCorp
20 Rosetta Stone Inc (RST) -0.97%
21 Monster Worldwide
22 XO Group Inc (XOXO) 59.78%
23 Netflix (NFLX) 297.63%
24 Adobe Systems Inc
25 Travelzoo (TZOO) 12.27%
26 AOL Inc (AOL) 57.45%
27 WebMD Health (WBMD) 175.45%
28 Quin Street Inc (QNST) 29.32%
29 Zillow Inc (Z) 194.52%
30 Trulia (TRLA) 117.18%
31 Pandora Media Inc (P) 189.76%
32 Blue Nile Inc (NILE) 22.38%

What Do You Think? Do Any Of These Surprise You? 

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  1. Comment by Zavi — January 8, 2014 @ 8:52 am

    For Facebook and Yahoo!! The returns are quite surprising for me 😉

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