If The Future Of Mobile Lies In The Clouds… Is Apple (AAPL) In Trouble In Its Battle With Google (GOOG)?

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As many of you know, TechCrunch is one of my favorite Tech blogs and I loved one specific post that came out this weekend:

Google’s cloud is eating Apple’s lunch

I invite you to take a read if you are interested about either or both of these stocks. Jon Evans basically explained how Google has been able to dominate most cloud-based services such as Google Now, Google Maps (vs Apple maps), Google Drive (vs iCloud), etc. I can’t imagine anyone arguing with that point. Google is clearly building an incredible lead, especially in the maps segment where it will be very difficult to catch up with (arguable maybe as difficult as it is to compete with Google on search).

I do also agree with the premise that the future of phones in the next few years will be driven much more by software than hardware. We’re at the point where the top phones can all take decent photos and video, are light and have incredible screen quality. The distinctive factors are increasingly related to apps, services, etc. So yes, any company trying to compete with Google and its Android O/S is at a severe disadvantage.



Here Is Where I Disagree

While I do think that Google’s cloud-based services are dominant, I don’t think that spells the end for Apple. It lacks in some areas such as maps, where it made a horrible mistake a few months ago. It does however have other strengths when compared with Google’s Android:

A closed operating system has downsides but also benefits in terms of experience, security, etc
There are other areas where Apple has a better offering (iTunes being one example, but you could also include its iMessage and a number of emerging apps that focus on iOS first)

I also think that any relevant service, no matter who builds it, will eventually be able to get it up on the iPhone I do have an iPhone but I use Google Chrome, Google Drive and Google Maps every day. Google is not offering those as charity for Apple users, it does help the company be more present in mobile, sell ads, etc.

So yes, Apple is behind in many cloud-based applications and should work on those, especially in a world where software will be central. But I would personally say that this is just one of many factors in the battle between Apple and Google. It is not a weapon of mass destruction:)

What Are Your Thoughts, do you think this is one reason to get rid of Apple? 

Disclaimer: Long Apple and Google

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