Huge Couple of Weeks For Tech Stocks..Are You Ready? ($GOOG, $AAPL, $AMZN, $MSFT, $FB, $YHOO, etc)

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Apart from the 2 upcoming NFL conference finals, the most exciting thing coming up are next 2 weeks of earnings. Just to give you an idea of who’s reporting Q4 numbers among the stocks that I follow:

Jan 22nd: Google (GOOG)

Jan 23rd: Apple (AAPL), Netflix (NFLX)

Jan 24th: Microsoft (MSFT)

Jan 25th: Travelzoo (TZOO), Monsterworldwide (MWW)

Jan 28th: Yahoo (YHOO)
Jan 30th: Facebook (FB), Yandex (YNDX)
Jan 31st: Amazon (AMZN), Ctrip (CTRP)
Feb 1st: AOL (AOL), Dice Holdings (DHX), IAC Interactive (IACI), Quinstreet (QNST)

WOW! If you look at my 2013 tech stock power rankings, you’ll notice that 4 out of my top 5 as well as many others will be reporting. As if that wasn’t enough, for many, Q4 numbers are critical. Companies like Amazon and Apple typically have much stronger numbers in Q4 so to say that there will be a lot of pressure and volatility would be an understatement.

Already, eBay (EBAY) made the news yesterday when it announced strong earnings…!

The Main Things I’m Looking For

Apple: Rumors have been wild with every analyst trying to figure out what’s going on. Many think that iPhone5 sales will turn out to be disappointing and could be blamed in part for the US GDP being weak (that seems a stretch!). At some point, there were rumors that Apple was working on a cheaper iPhone but it does seem like it was just a rumor. I’m a major believer in Apple, even if growth continues to slow down but I’ll of course be looking at what comes out of it.


Google: I’ve been very impressed with Larry Page and will of course be looking at revenues and expenses. Even more important though are any details that we can get about the Android strategy. It’s quickly becoming the dominant mobile platform and there are huge opportunities for Google, I’m hoping to get more of an insight into those plans in the earnings call.

Facebook: The stock has increased over 50% since my purchase and my next target is for the stock to hopefully get back to its IPO price. For that to happen, Facebook will need to provide more improvement in its mobile results, additional info on how gifts are performing and more monetization strategies. I’m always incredibly interested in reading the earning call transcripts for companies such as Facebook that don’t give as much insight about what they’re working on.

Amazon (AMZN): Despite all the common sense in the world that tells me Amazon’s P/E is outrageous and unreasonable and that I’d be foolish to buy it, I’m tempted. I’ve even read some very solid arguments into why it was overvalued and for some time was a doubter. I’m having trouble convincing myself though. The company makes no money, seems in no hurry to do so and has razor thin margins.. however, there is a “but” and it’s a major one. I see Amazon as the store of the future. It is building an incredibly selling machine, customer base, distribution network, etc. There’s nothing that even comes close and no one seems to even try competing with Amazon. How in the world can that not turn into an incredibly profitable business at some point? I just think that Amazon is turning into a new digital Walmart but with very limited competition. It’s an incredible opportunity. So yes, even at these valuations I’m very optimistic… I’m close to the point where I’d buy Amazon as a long term speculative stock…call me crazy,:)

Yahoo: Another very interesting story with Mayer who continues to make very quick changes. I like what I’m seeing and am looking forward to hearing what’s next. I’d love to hear commitment for a few core products and dropping others where Yahoo has poor products. It’s all about execution in a few key areas.

What are your expectations for these names? I’ll be sure to discuss my thoughts both here, in the tech mailing list and on Twitter so stay tuned!

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