Changes To The Stocks I Follow ($GDDY, $WBMD)

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There has been a lack of updates here in recent weeks caused by a very busy schedule more than anything else, very sorry about that. I did want to give an update on a change in the list of stocks that I follow.

Removing WebMD (WMBD): I had not traded WBMD in a long time mostly because there was so much speculation that it would eventually be taken over and that is exactly what ended up happening, the stock is no longer listed after private equity firm KKR ended up buying the company in a $2.8B deal.

Adding GoDaddy (GDDY): Godaddy is a domain registrar and web hosting company more known for its Super Bowl ads and its publicity stunts than anything else and while it has been a publicly traded company for some time (2014), I have not to this point spent much time looking at the stock so I don’t expect to start trading it in the near future or until I get a better feel for the stock. At first glance, I am surprised by GDDY’s valuation and lack of earnings. While the company has not been public for that long, it is not a new company by any standard having started operating in 1997.  Here is an idea of sales growth and EPS over the past few years.

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