Safety First: Creating a Safe and Trustworthy E-commerce Shop

testWhen searching the internet for the various tips and tricks on setting up your own shop, you will see a small section dedicated to safety and trust, but it is not just a small part of your future business. Creating a safe and trustworthy environment is very important in every business, especially when a business is online. Many people are afraid to shop online because of the high amounts of fraud reported in the media. It does not usually keep shoppers away from online stores, but it does tend to make them wary when buying from a store that is new to them.

Building Trust with Customers
In order to change a casual window shopper into a supporting customer, you must first establish a feeling of trust. Creating trust can be done in a number of ways, including the look and feel of your website. Websites that look thrown together, have unprofessional photographs and videos, and are not easy to navigate will create a distrusting feeling for the perusing shopper, but if your website is put together in an orderly fashion, with high-quality images, and is easy to navigate, those perspective shoppers will turn into customers.

Trust Icons and Badges
Icons and badges are a universal sign when it comes to establishing trust. Your business will already have many elements of security involved in its setup, but customers need to know about security measures you have put in place. Adding icons to the bottom of your webpage and on the form customers fill out when shopping is a great way to establish the feeling of security shoppers want and need. While this may seem like a minor step, it will greatly help consumers feel safe and secure. Many platforms make this available by providing you with codes for those icons that you can easily place on your page.

Be Open with Customers
Telling customers where you are located helps to establish credibility and trust. Stating the city you are in or near is a great way to build that trust, even if you do not have a physical store location. If you tell customers where you are located, they will truly feel they are working with a real person. Not knowing anything about the shop, its proprietor, or even its location leaves potential customers feeling a strong sense of unease. By providing a professional headshot with a brief bio, you will be able to make the customer feel as if they are getting to know you and feel as if your shop is to be trusted over your competitors. Create content that is engaging and personal when writing about your shop, yourself, and your mission. By getting on a personal level with potential customers, you will make them feel as though you consider them friends. This is a great way to boost your sales because people enjoy feeling that they are supporting people they know. Another way to add a personal touch and feeling of trust is to link customers to your Twitter page. It does not have to be your personal feed, but linking to a Twitter account that is not in the shop’s name will help customers feel as if they are comfortable with you and thus develop trust.

Promise of Privacy
Privacy policies are very important to all customers, and these policies will help keep your business safe from legal problems. If you do not have a solid privacy policy in place, the feeling of trust will evaporate, and customers will leave. Research the legal basis for privacy policies and make sure you meet each and every element within the law. Before you even publish your shop’s website, create a privacy policy and make sure it is solid. If you are struggling on how to make a solid policy, there are many sites that can help you establish one. You can also look at who your competitors will be and what policies they have implemented. Competitors can be a tremendous help as you start out your business because you will be able to learn various things from their success and mistakes. Once you have established your privacy policy, you will be ready to set up your new shop with great online store design from Shopify completely and begin selling your items!

Protecting Your Shop
You have convinced your customers to trust you, but you must make sure that it is not in vain. Follow security precautions when setting up your shop and creating the various requirements shoppers will need to meet when they set up a profile to shop with you. One of the first steps to ensure privacy is to make it necessary for shoppers to have strong passwords. Strong passwords keep information private as well as protecting your customer’s information from being used fraudulently. Providing tracking numbers for all purchases is another way to protect your shop and your customers. A tracking number will give both you and the customer peace of mind while also providing you with information if the package never makes it to the shopper. Choosing the right platform for your store will help you when taking steps to ensure your store is secure and safe from fraud. Many platforms will have security elements in place. This can help ease your mind as you prepare to open your new shop, making the process go smoothly.

Final Thoughts
As you have read, trust and security is not just limited to making sure your customers are safe from fraudulent actions, but also that they feel safe when they first happen across your page. Developing trust is key in every relationship, especially when it comes to purchasing items from someone over the internet. You will be able to maintain the shopper’s trust by making sure your entire website is secure and ensuring their privacy will be kept. By doing all of this, you will be well on your way to creating more sales and having a loyal customer base who will happily share their experience with their friends.