One More Reason To Focus On Passive Income

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MoneyThis blog is about investing and money management so it’s no surprise that I focus most of my blogging to money-related questions. My quest to build a solid and diversified passive income cash flow. Of course, life is about much more than money. You’ll find a bunch of theories about the importance of money:

-Money does not buy happiness
-Any income over $X does not contribute to more happiness (number I had heard was 70K)

I agree 100% that there is no perfect direct relationship between the two. However, there is clearly some kind of relationship. Having money helps to:

-take time off
-live unique experiences

Of course, it’s easy to think of people that have tons of money but don’t do any of that stuff but I certainly do my best to have those flows help my family and loved ones, that’s the plan anyway:)

Last week, I also saw one more compelling reason to strive for a decent level of passive income:

Living Longer

Just look at this chart from the Wall Street Journal and you’ll see exactly what I mean:


Any thoughts?

chart credit: WSJ


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