Top ETF’s in 2010

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The year is quickly coming to an end which gives us an opportunity to look at the best performers in an effort to learn those important lessons that will help us make the right choices in 2011. I decided to take a look at the top performing ETF’s so far this year. As I usually do, I separated the leveraged ETF’s. Why? Because they are created for short term investments so looking at 1 year returns is not as significant.

First off, let’s take a look at the top “unleveraged” ETF’s. A few thoughts:

#1-I’m a bit surprised to see Cotton at the very top since it has not made many headlines

#2-We’ve discussed Silver but it remains surprising to see how little attention it is getting compared to Gold despite its spectacular return in 2010, just a look at the rankings and you will see that #2, #3 and #4 in the rankings are silver ETF’s, all over 70%!!

#3-Commodities remain king! – Some were predicting that commodities might struggle in 2010 because of the struggling economy . The 8 top ETF’s in the US were related to commodities.

#4-Peru? – The top country so far this year has not been Brazil, China or Russia, it has been Peru!! It was able to edge out Thailand at the very top!

Without further wait, here are the top 10 performing ETF’s this year:

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Top 10 performing leveraged ETF’s this year:

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***Please note that these numbers are as of December 24th and
Disclosure: We do not hold any of the discussed ETF’s

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