Top 50 ETF’s – September 2010 edition

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In what turned out to be the worst month of August in over a decade, bear ETF’s, funds that are built in order to profit from market downturns were at the top of the ranks. These funds and especially the leveraged short ones dominated the charts with Direxion and Proshares sharing the lead.

The other successful bet was the long treasury (TMF) which is essentially the same bet as a poor performance of the equity markets usually translates into strong performance of the treasuries.

Other bets that did well are:

-Short oil (DTO)
-Long Gold Miners (GDXJ)
-Long Global Carbon (GRN)

The one big surprise for me was not seeing a volatility ETF make the top 50 as they usually perform very well in such difficult environments.

And a few other commoditiy plays also did very well. Will these be winners in September? Difficult to say but most of the winners in August are still down for the year.

Without further wait, here are the top 50 ETF’s in August 2010:

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