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Monday is usually one of the big days on IntelligentSpeculator as we open new trades based off of our long & short model on technology stocks. I am sad to announce that there will be no new stock picks….until the new year begins:) You see, these picks are based off of fundamentals and are medium to long term picks. Since I will be closing out the existing positions on the close of December 31st (to start off 2011 fresh), it does not make sense to open new trades with less than a month to go.

For some time Friday I had hopes of closing a trade as the Long Ebay (EBAY) & Short Yahoo (YHOO) trade was up +17% or so for most of the day but in the end, the day was not short enough which meant that it did not reach my stop which is up or down 20%. Since I do not use intraday stops, it would have needed to actually close past that point too.

I will be doing a recap of the year of trades later in December but I did want to do a small recap of what has been happening in the current live trades. As always, you can find the return of those trades in our “performance page” but usually the only commentary on those trades is found in IntelligentSpeculator Premium.

June 1st 2010: Long Google (GOOG) & Short AOL (AOL) +11,14%

It has certainly been a difficult year for Google and at some point, even the more optimistic of investors like myself started to have some doubts about where the stock was headed. It’s not been an easy stock to trade. But the stock has been showing signs of life and looks like all of the negative momentum is gone for now.

On the other hand, AOL is a company that I was very vocal against in the start of the year but a company that I do not love being short of right now. They do still have tremendous issues and are far from being out of the woods. But I do like a lot of their more recent moves and would certainly consider going long in 2011…time will tell.

September 27th 2010: Long Amazon (AMZN) & Short Blue Nile (NILE) +11,45%

This is a trade I would do over and over as Blue Nile seems to be consistently overvalued. I did get burned a couple of times last year but overall going short on Blue Nile has been a winning proposition.

October 25th 2010: Long Ebay (EBAY) & Short Yahoo (YHOO) +17,51%

I have written about Ebay and how I consider it more as an online bank than anything else and that is what drives me to be positive towards the stock. There is some competition but apart from Facebook, the threats do not worry me for now.

November 1st 2010: Long Apple (AAPL) & Short Research in Motion (RIMM) +1,29%

Research in Motion cannot compete with Apple right now in terms of product quality and sales which has translated into its stock rising this year while buying Research in Motion has been compared by this blog to catching a falling knife.

November 8th 2010: Long Baidu (BIDU) & Short The Knot (KNOT) -3,07%

This is the most recent trade and it is the first time in almost one year that we`ve gotten involved into the leading Chinese search engine but given Knot`s very expensive valuation, it certainly continues to look like a very promising trade.

I will only discuss the previous/closed trades in my year end recap but needless to say that the 33,82% return so far this year has been beyond what we were hoping to accomplish!

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