News Corp is putting MySpace up for sale..quick Google (GOOG), AOL (AOL), Yahoo (YHOO) and Facebook….

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Ahhh some executives really do have a great sense of humor. So NewsCorp COO Chase Carey said that the company was open to selling or partnering with other parties in an attempt to regain some of its lost value. First off, just for sake of disclosure, I’m not a fan of the way that NewsCorp has managed MySpace and have already written about the reasons why the company was failing. Saying that it’s because of the competition is a major overstatement in my opinion. There was more than enough place for both.

But you had Facebook on one hand that was focused on growth, improving the user experience and then on the other side you had News Corp which had one focus; $$$$. You could say that it worked in a sense as MySpace did generate close to $800 million in sales of ads through Google alone, which is probably enough to pay for the cost ($580 acquisition) and operating costs. But that would also seem like a very bad business decision when you consider the fact that the once smaller Facebook is now worth $50 billion…!!! Just take a look at the traffic charts and you will be see the whole story:

Why is MySpace selling?

It’s quite simple… The company has used MySpace as a cash cow but it’s now seeing those revenues dry up very quickly and wants to get out a little bit more before the story ends. It is no longer seen as “cool” to be on MySpace and many users simply use it because some elements of their social network have not moved yet. But traffic is diminishing quickly.

“I’m not going to break down (the number of) quarters,” he said. “It’s not years … We need to deal with this with urgency.” – COO Chase Carey

Seriously…? Did News Corp just wake up? They did exactly what needed to be done to accelerate MySpace’s death for a few years and now they’re hoping for a miracle?

Who will get involved?

There is speculation about who would want to take over the sinking social network and honestly, I don’t think much of it makes sense. There is just no way that Facebook or Google would pay to get involved in a project that seems doomed from the start. There would probably be a better shot to just launch something new than be associated with the MySpace brand name. Honestly, the only two companies that could be seen as possible buyers are:

AOL: AOL has a lot of properties but I don’t see them getting involved. They have been doing the smart thing under CEO Tim Armstrong as they continue to get rid of older and less attractive properties such as ICQ. I would be very surprised if AOL would fall for this….

Yahoo: The one company that I could see getting involved is Yahoo which continues to lack a clear direction. I’m far from convinced what Yahoo is trying to do and they seem to be in a panic mode with more job cuts to be made in the near future. A desperate company with deep pockets could be just what News Corp has been looking for.

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