Jetblue uses “brilliant marketing”?

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jetblue2Since it was created (probably many many centuries ago), marketing has always been about getting attention, getting a message or an idea across and more often than not, it is just about getting its name out there. In the Airline industry, that is always quite a challenge as most consumers have only one criteria when shopping for airfares; price. And while JetBlue has been more than competitive, there has and always will be a lot of value in having a brand associated with pleasure, good service, etc. Because that means that consumers will probably choose your company if they are offered the same fare for a trip. And even better, they might even accept to pay a little more to board your airline at some point.

JetBlue has been a leader in advertising and certainly made quite a splash a few days ago when it launched an “All you can fly” ticket for sale. We will perhaps never know what the strategy was behind the move. The most obvious reason would be to get more passengers aboard in a slow economy. But look a little deeper and you will see that this special made the news everywhere, generating a buzz about the company that would be difficult to generate without a unique idea like that. The catch of course is that such an idea could end up costing a lot if millions buy the “All you can travel” ticket and reserve seats that could otherwise be sold. But JetBlue only had this promotion open for a few days, perhaps just enough to get the word out on the internet about its great idea.

I personally think it is brilliant and certainly something that other companies could and should get inspired by. It would be easy to imagine possibilities. Let’s say Microsoft offered the Zune with unlimited life downloads of music for a few days. It might lose some money on all of those sales but the return in branding could be even better. There are many ways to go about it but the end idea is that like any other marketing campaign, JetBlue was creative and it seems to have paid off. A lot more companies would do well to use a little imagination….

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