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Every Saturday, The Intelligent Speculator does a review of good read around the blogosphere. Here’s what caught my attention this week:

Stock Trading To Go found 3 big reasons why Bank of America stocks has bottomed.

Check out this video about inflation and deflation. Quite interesting!

Where Does All My Money Go discusses how well passive investing do in a secular bear market.

Dividend Guy is talking about Pfizer.

Quality Systems Inc. is being reviewed by Zack Stocks.

The Wild Investor thinks that you can’t beat wall street.

Dividends Value analyzes a diversified investment manager serving individual and institutional investors through offices around the United States in Stock Analysis: Legg Mason, Inc.

MagicDiligence discussed Volcom in Magic Formula Stock Review: Volcom (VLCM);

College Analysts submitted Freeport McMoRan (FCX) Earnings and Conference Call Notes,

My Wealth Builder presents 1/25/09 Bottom Fishing Portfolio – Changing Strategy to Buying and Selling Options

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