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Recently we started an improved newsletter for premium members and have received great interest with questions about it.  This is only normal as we have yet to promote it much through the website. Why? Because it is a new offering, and while we think the product is already amazing, we are working on many other things.

What is it?

The newsletter is sent out every weekend to our paid members by email. It is a pdf file consisting of 8-10 pages, depending on the week, and contains a few different sections:

1-Summary of active trades:
As regular readers of this blog know, we have a few different trade positions and post commentary with stock charts that give a better idea of what is happening with our trades, why they are doing well or not.

You also get the exact statistics regarding all of our trades throughout the year.

2-Thoughts on future trade ideas & stock opinions in the technology sector: In the past, we have talked briefly about our dashboard; the incredibly useful tool that helps us generates trade ideas, opinions and is often the starting point behind all of my trade ideas. I also discuss in-depth opinions about a few of the stocks and potential trade ideas. So basically you will know about the trades I will make or am thinking about making before everyone else.

3-News and conclusions: Finally, we preview things to come involving both the companies we follow and what to anticipate on IntelligentSpeculator.

Why Subscribe?

There are several reasons why you should subscribe to our newsletter! First off, our average trade so far this year has returned 9.61% (as of May 3rd) and lasted two months. That takes us a total annual return over 73%! We don’t expect to have such high returns all year long, but considering the volatile market like the one we have experienced so far this year, the returns have been excellent, especially when you compare it to returns of main indexes such as the S&P500 (less than 5% return so far this year!). Also, if you are interested or investing in technology stocks, our newsletter will bring you a lot of information you could not get elsewhere.

How much does it cost?

Since we recently started the premium newsletter, we decided to start with an introductory price. We were considering a fair price and while some of our current members suggested that the price should be higher given the value, we expect to jump the price to $39.95 per month. Since we had not discussed this in detail yet, we are rolling out a limited time special price. You can either pay 19.95$ per month or 180$ for an entire year (which comes out to 15$/month).

What will be added?

We are working on two different things for premium members:

1-We will be adding ratings for the stocks on our radar which will be published in the newsletter

2-We are making plans to have a members only section to add data and other tables for members only


You can download an example of what is sent every week,  try it here

How to sign up:

Monthly payment of $19.95:


Annual Payment of 180$:


Once you subscribe, you will receive within 24-48 hours instructions and an official confirmation.

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  1. Comment by OneDay — May 26, 2010 @ 9:00 am

    Way to go!! I love reading your newsletter. Lots of great ideas and stock picks!

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