If I were Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos for one year…(AMZN)

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With the holidays around the corner, we decided to do a mini series about a few of the tech stocks that we follow all year long. We are the first ones to judge and critic how these companies are run but as they say, it’s always much easier to critic it then actually run a company. So we decided to go ahead and write a series about what we would do with these companies. Hoping you will enjoy the series:

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Management in the past few years

It’s difficult to criticize Amazon which has gone from a niche ecommerce website to what I would consider to be the top one on the internet. Not only does it lead in terms of sales but the overall technology, customer service and operational processes are the key behind what has become an almost flawless experience. Just think about the sheer volume that Amazon is able to produce and compare that to the number of horror stories that you’ve heard from past buyers.

One area where I have been very critical of Amazon is the Kindle. Launching an ebook reader that can do so little compared to competitors was certainly a risky strategy and remains so but it has been good to a certain extent. The main point I guess is that Amazon needed an entry point to the ebook market and while the Kindle is not perfect, it has proved a good and cheap alternative which helps Amazon remain a player.

On the growth front, Amazon has not been aggressive as many would have liked but the purchase of Zappos was a great move and I’m glad to see that Zappos has been able to remain fairly independent as it continues its growth strategy.

General Vision

-Remain the market leader in the ecommerce space while expanding the product offering

Initiatives/Priorities I would get started on

Acquire GoDaddy : For about $1.1 billion, Amazon could acquire GoDaddy which would be a great step forward for its digital strategy. Amazon is one of the leaders in terms of hosting data already and acquiring another strong brand could be a great move. It would also give tremendous access to millions of customers.

Grocery Service: Amazon needs to slowly integrate more products into its services and adding grocery stores would sound like a great idea. Amazon has an amazing service and that could easily be used to sell more products. Food wholesale selling through the internet could bring significant economies. I think it would be important to start in a few different cities at first obviously as this service is not as easy to scale up. The company has already been playing with this concept in Britain but I remain convinced that it can work

Help Zappos expand: Zappos has been a true success story and it has been expanding in a sector that Amazon might not have as much success in; clothes and shoes. I think Zappos needs to be helped. How can the company expand both in terms of the range it offers and the markets it is serving without compromising its valued customer service? Amazon surely can make that happen.

Integrate Social into Amazon: When a customer buys a product, why not give them more motivation to share their experience both by doing a review but even more importantly with their friends through Twitter & Facebook. It could be done by giving them incentives (commissions) on sales generated by their friends. Another way to do it would be for visitors to see which of their friends purchased a specific item when they are browsing Amazon (for those who accept to be included of course).

Expand the work on Android & Iphone/Ipad apps: I have been truly impressed by Amazon’s progress in getting its Apps at the top of the Ituens and Android app stores. I think Amazon needs to be proactive to make the user experience as easy and enjoyable as possible.

Any thoughts or ideas?

I would love to hear your thoughts or ideas regarding all of these initiatives!

Disclosure: I do not hold a position on Amazon (AMZN)

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