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As any regular visitor on this website would know, two things get me very excited to write about; passive income (mostly through dividend investing) and technology stocks, through opinions, stock picks, etc. All technology stock picks that I do are done among the stocks that I follow and while I never lack in terms of possibilities, adding new stocks to choose from should make things even more interesting and hopefully create even more trading possibilities. The next 12-15 months are likely to see as more dot com IPO’s than in any other period, perhaps even more than in the dot com boom. I do write often about some of these names but for others I do not get enough time. That being said, I’m getting informed and will certainly be writing about them in the near future. Here are some of the names that are making the next few months look so thrilling for technology investors:

Facebook: No doubt, this might be the most exciting IPO to come along since Google (GOOG) a long time ago and I have been very bullish regarding Facebook for some time but as valuations continue to rise, it’s difficult to see if it will remain a great buy when the company does turn public. One of the big questions of course is how CEO Mark Zuckerberg will handle things.

Twitter: Together with Facebook, Twitter defines what social media, the biggest trend since search, truly means. The company currently looks like it could be valued at $10 billion which is a shame for some companies (Google) which really should consider buying the social company.

Zynga: Just today, reports surfaced that Zynga has just raised $500 million at a $10 billion valuation, bigger than other huge gaming companies.

LinkedIn: Another social network but this one might be the most promising in terms of investment as LinkedIn is redefining the interaction between workers and their career. As down as I have been on Monster Worldwide (MWW), I am truly excited about seeing LinkedIn turn public.

Demand Media (DMD): The recently turned public company is now on my screen but I have not written about it. I will probably be very negative on this company and do not be too surprised to see me short DMD in the near future. To give you an idea, I’m almost as negative on DMD as I am on Yahoo (YHOO)

Pandora: Can music be given away? Absolutely. But can it become a great business model? That remains to be seen. Pandora is set to turn public in the very near future.

Groupon: The company has been discussed over and over here and for some time I was very excited about the prospects but I’m not as much these days, time will tell.

There are others of course but I think you can see why things will get very interesting on IntelligentSpeculator in the next few months. Are any of these of particular interest to you?

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