Cyberwar – Investing In A Private Army?

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I don’t know if you feel the same way but this whole cyberwar thing is something truly fascinating to me. I’ve discussed it in the past but in recent weeks it seems to be coming back to the surface. After years of secrecy, things have started coming out: rumors and discussions about the US & Israel taking down nuclear operations in Iran, China stealing government and corporate secrets, etc. For most of us living in North America, the most recurring one has been China being increasingly aggressive with its cyber spies. Most of us were very curious to see how President Obama would tackle the subject when meeting with the Chinese premier.

Then Came Edward Snow

Edward Snow made major allegations about the NSA and its spying operations on Americans and pretty much anyone else that is using the internet. His allegations have not been denied by the major forces with Obama and others coming to the defense of the program. Another interesting component of his allegations were the details surrounding US hackings of Chinese networks and other data. It was awkward timing to say the least just a couple of days before the Obama-Wu meeting. How will the US be able to try to dictate what China can and cannot do if it is doing the exact same things? Especially with details emerging of how and when the US has been active on that front. It’s going to be very difficult for the US to try to tell China what to do in terms of cyber security and spying.

Will We See An Escalation?

In a world where a “virtual attack” can be as bad if not worse as most conventional attacks, I don’t think it’s unreasonable think that we will see some escalation. Superpowers such as China, Russia and the US will certainly continue to invest resources into this increasingly important part of fighting wars.

Eventually, It Will Come Down To Outsourcing

At some point, it will become very tempting for the government to start subcontracting some of these operations. As they’ve done with Blackwater in Iraq, they will be able to outsource critical national security issues that relate to cyber war out to smaller companies. I really do think there will be major opportunities and I’m keeping my eyes and ears open

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  2. Comment by joseph hambacher — August 30, 2013 @ 1:45 pm

    understand russia has been sending cyber war info to Iran,Syria,etc’ we have better be prepared,

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