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A few weeks ago, I had made 3 picks for the 4th quarter of 2009 so I thought it might be a good idea to take a quick look at how the positions have been doing since they were put in place.

Basically, the average of the 3 trades made that week is up 1,20%, which is not bad.

Here are the returns so far:

Long AAPL-Short INTC:     +7.19%
Both companies have announced good earnings but there is still a lot of momentum on this trade and I am hoping the launch of the Ereader will be enough to push this trade past 20%!



Long CTRP-Short EXPE: -13.22%

I have been a bit surprised by the underperformance of this trade given that this is a valuation trade, I still believe in this position am hoping it does not breach -20%…!



Long GOOG-Short IACI: +9.64%

This trade lost a few feathers but it is still up almost 10%. Google has been a bit on the defensive this week regarding its competition with Bing but remains as strong as ever while IACI remains unable to do much to impress



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