Comscore, Compete and others beware..Google (GOOG) is out to get you

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Internet data is incredibly valuable as it helps companies big and small know what they are doing well and what not. Even Fortune 500 companies spend a lot of money seeing what traffic they are getting, from where, how to better target and build their online presence. That is done while also getting data about their competition, how well they are doing and how they manage to do so. Are they paying for their traffic. If so, how much? If not, how are they getting it for free. That data is incredibly valuable and companies like Comscore and charge very hefty prices for detailed analysis of the web,  a specific sector or even just a few websites.

Bad news…

Recently, Google published its list of the top 1000 websites in terms of traffic and gave an idea of the page views of those websites. It is a small step but not insignificant. While Compete gives some data away for free, even getting such a list is something that these web intelligence companies charge for. Having a giant like Google come into the market is terrible news no matter how you look at it from their perspective. Why?

If Google puts even some effort…

There is no doubt, Google is not only the company with the most data (by very far) but also the best one to put the data together. If you think for a second that Comscore, Compete and others can compete… Just look at Google’s data sources:

-Search: as you know, Google is by far the king of search and thus usually knows what users are looking for, and where they head. No one can even compete except maybe the social networks which are increasingly becomming a starting point for web use.

-Analytics: many of the small and big websites use Google Analytics to get more data about their visitors, page views and more. It’s free


Of course this might not be Google’s next billion dollar business because like many other services, it’s not clear yet how Google intends to make money off of this service or even if that’s its intention. Yes, Google very well could be raising the level of information significantly before even considering charging anything. This would still have a major impact on the smaller players in this very niche business. Google for example came in a few years ago offering live quotes on Us traded stocks on Google finance, something it does even try to make money off of. But up to that point, some lesser known websites had been charging for that pricing.

Not there quite yet…

That being said this is more of a warning because releasing the top 1000 ranking will not by itself change much for the other players. Google’s rankings might be more precise but it’s not enough to drive away dollars. The more worrying point for them is that they depend entirely on Google wishing (or not) to go further with this service… It will certainly be very interesting!

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