Are You Buying Metals?

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gold_bullionI’ve discussed the role of metals quite a few times in recent months and they certainly seem to be as relevant as ever. Fact is that the world economy looks extremely fragile these days and I continue to believe that if we end up seeing more inflation, the value of physical metals, especially gold will end up increasing significantly.  I’m not saying that you should start investing as if the end of the world were coming but at the same time, it makes a lot of sense to hold assets that would do well under such circumstances.

For many of you know that means buying ETF’s in a trading account while others insist on buying the actual gold and holding it either at home or in a bank safe.  There are other ways to make such an investment as well. Like what? You could have a precious metals IRA. You can see the Top Gold IRA Companies in 2013 as a few examples.

Is This The Right Time?

Obviously, I’m not a big fan of trying to look for the perfect timing in a purchase like this one.  It’s almost impossible to do and not worth the effort and risk if you’re making a long term investment. However, some are worried about the recent hold chart:


I personally think it’s more than fine. Gold has suffered a bit from the fact that there are less of those horror economic stories in the headlines these days. But if you think about it, none of those countries (Portugal, Italy, Greece, etc) have been able to make significant changes so things are not better. Those stories will come back and when that happens, gold should rebound.

Have any of you been in the market for gold or silver lately? What do you think of current prices?


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