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I have written a few times about the anticipated IPO’s by Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn and while all three continue to gain importance in the internet sphere, we do not have any more details about the timing of their public offerings. All networks are doing their best to show that they are the “popular choice”. Why? Because many believe that there will only be a few survivors in this new battle.

Social networks showing off????

Just take a look at the impressive graph posted by Twitter yesterday showing an exponential growth in activity. Facebook posted less than two weeks ago about reaching 100 million users and they do seem to be the two major leaders right now. But investing in both is next to impossible right now for regular investors so we are left with smaller players.

Other possibilities???

Yahoo owns Flickr, which in my opinion remains its most valuable property. But that being said, as regular readers of this blog would know, I am not a fan of Yahoo and would certainly not be the one to recommend using them as a social play. That leaves Google, which owns both Youtube and the recently launched Google Buzz.  Youtube is huge and will surely become an important center of profit in years to come but the problem is that at least for now, Google is hardly a play on social. Truth is that an insignificant portion of the revenues and profits come from Youtube and obviously from Google Buzz.

Stuck with nowhere to go then???

So that leaves us with no other option than patience, which is a shame as in many ways, Social and Search are now the two most important aspects and would certainly provide many investing opportunities.

Am I the only one anxious to get in the game??

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