2013 Stock Picks Recap

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excAs most of you probably know, there will not be any new stock picks today. For the past 3 years, I’ve been making these long & short stock picks only for the first 8 months of the year. Since I close them out at the end of the calendar year, making a pick with a month or a few weeks to go just had not turned out so well. I do still have 7 live trades right now as you can always see here:


Chances are that at least a few of these trades will not be closed out until then so I’ll do a full recap only towards the end of December. Still, things have turned out very well and the average trade return of over 2% is pretty much what I hope for. It gives me a return of 8-10% or so depending on the number of trades, how returns are calculated, etc. So not bad at all. Just to re-affirm, these trades do not require a cash outflow since I am buying and selling more or less the same amount. They do require having money in the account (or other stocks/securities) for margin purposes but that’s it. So getting an additional 8-10% is a very nice bonus.

As you also know, I have 2 more significant stakes with long term speculative picks:

Aug 4th 2012: Long Facebook (FB) +106,55% since inception
April 22nd 2013: Long Apple (AAPL) +24,09%

Both have worked out very well and I do intend on keeping and perhaps even (especially for FB) increasing that position.

Other Less Traded Positions

Of course, as I’m in the process of writing for an upcoming ebook, most of my assets are not invested in these more risky strategies. Rather, I hold ETF’s that track broad indexes and also hold dividend stocks such as my ultimate sustainable dividend portfolio which I write abut every month. The ETF’s have little to no tracking error so they’ve done well, no surprise. The dividend portfolio has also done extremely well, outperforming the S&P500 which in this particular context is perfect.

So yes, things are certainly going well, but I’ll keep at it, that battle is never over and I’ll certainly do find ways to improve my trading.


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