Will there be any magazines left in a decade??

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wiredAbout 10 years ago, you could find magazine stores at almost every corner street in major cities and for a while it looked like there were no limits as more and more specialised mags came to the market. I was the first person who would enjoy walking into those stores to buy a few different magazines, learn about different subjects, etc. But with the internet’s growing popularity, the landscape has changed tremendously in many ways:

-First, with the internet, news comes out and it is about hours and minutes. How can a magazine that is written, published and sent out ever be up-to-date? Some newspapers have adapted and switched from a “news” perspective to more in-depth analysis

-Second, in a world where users can get almost unlimited content for free on the internet, it is more and more difficult to get them to pay to subscribe

And as if things were not already difficult, the tough economy has crushed the ad market and magazines such as “Wired” are suffering from ad rates half of what they were one year ago…For that reason, and for many others, several magazines are shutting down, more and more every month it seems.

The editor of wired said: ““This is the annoying question I get all the time, which is, ‘Is print dead?’ ” he said. “We need to do something that doesn’t exist online, and do it in a superior way. Otherwise we should just do it online.”

And so far, that has been the strategy employed by most magazines, getting more of their content online and either offering their content for free getting paid with ads, or offering the content to their subscribers only.

That is great and surely the best way to deal with the new landscape. The problem of course is that the competition is not comparable on the internet which makes it very difficult to be certain how things will turn out. The good part is probably that the overall survivors will end up being the ones that can generate the best content. Wired is one of those publishers that i think can survive no matter what the format, even if it were to become an online publisher only… Will the magazine industry survive? It will, but probably in a very different format than what it currently is..

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