Why sometimes I’m ashamed of being right wing

By: ispeculatornew
Date posted: 05.04.2009 (5:00 am) | Write a Comment  (3 Comments)

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environmentGenerally, we at IntelligentSpeculators are more of a “right wing” opinion, especially when economic point of views are considered. Sure we’d love everyone to be rich but in reality we simply do not think that is possible. Given we live in Canada, the right wing is certainly not as right as is the case in the US, especially when health care and education are concerned. And I would never EVER dare say that the Canadian system is perfect but generally I’m still in favour of free health care, as much as is possible given the finances of the state.

But as for taxes, free trade, the state generally staying away from the economy, I’m pretty right wing. You might say I’m not being logical but I’d have a hard time finding anyone that is 100% right (or left for that matter) wing. But there is one point of view where we might not all agree on, the environment. I always find it fascinating to hear right wing politicians sometimes talking about the state not taking any role and how any regulation will not work because companies will not be able to compete with Chinese and Indian corporations that do not have such laws. It’s always a challenge for me to see if they really do believe what they are saying or if it is simply a negociating tactic. Because if they do beleive it, I’m truly sad and ashamed to be associated with them.

There are many debates about the causes of rising temperatures about treaties like Kyoto, etc. But what should be clear to everyone is that we must act. Do you think European countries that have adopted pro-environment legislation are now going bankrupt? They might have been at a slight disadvantage but if done right, the technology can then be exported, sold and become an important part of the growth in the 21st century. Just seems very backward minded in my opinion to always compare with the worst. Sure, China and India have poor environment records and those should be adressed but in the meantime, let’s get moving and set some standards to reach. That way, we can actually show the example, and improve our situation.

These can be medium term too. California, one of the leading examples has been pushing some very strict legislation through for car pollution and they are still getting some cars without paying as much as car companies would have us believe… Simply pass some legislation and get the rules out there for everyone to look at and adapt. But if we keep on waiting..we will wake up one day with a new reliance.. on technology that other countries have developed to make a better use of our resources and a diminished impact on our environment…

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  1. Comment by SJ — May 4, 2009 @ 10:49 am

    My friend treated it like the prisoner dilemma; I don’t want the costs but I want the benefits.

    I guess the biggest thing is there actually IS communication and why should anyone accept the legislation that you are espousing if you yourself aren’t?

    An extended prisoner dilemma =)

  2. Comment by SidVicious — May 7, 2009 @ 3:18 am

    I can’t see how our politicians are ever going to make real progress when it comes to cleaning up our act and doing something about a situation that is increasingly (and relatively quickly) moving towards a man made, mass extinction event that will easily be as devastating as the dinosaur wipe-out? The partisan economic squabbling that seems to be never ending is dragging humanity down the toilet. All the media seems good for is in softening up us tax-payers for bail-outs and tax hikes that the politicians have lined up for us because of their mistakes and misguided interests.

    I honestly don’t think that people who call themselves ‘left-wing’ can be any prouder of their leaders current positions on the environment than yourself IS. Fair play to you for putting your hands up and calling for action that is really needed from our elected officials.

  3. Comment by Dave Thomas — May 8, 2009 @ 6:43 am

    I wouldn’t use California as an example to support anything. I live in California and the state is bankrupt.

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