Why Is It So Hard To Do The Right Thing?

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I don’t get it. Guys like Dez Bryant, Marshawn Lynch, Adrian Peterson, Michael Vick. These guys are NFL superstars, they have contracts worth millions of dollars every year. They need to do 3 very simple things in order to be paid those millions, live a good life and end up with their dream life:

#1-Take their job seriously (practice, respect their team, league, coach, teammates, etc)
#2-Take care of their body (this means eating well, exercising, staying away from sports or activities that could end up leading to injuries, etc
#3-Stay out of any legal trouble

Simple right? I mean, if I offered you $10 million/year to do those 3 simple things, I’d like to think that you could get it done. It’s not like I’m asking you to do this for your entire life either. Most careers last a few years, with a few exceptions going strong for a decade or more. By then, you already have enough of a career and money in the bank to be as much at risk.

I’d like to think all of you could get it done. I know I could! Or could I?

Things We Know We Should Do But Yet Don’t Do…

As obvious as it is that NFL players and athletes in general should be able to do those 3 things. There are many others that we should be doing ourselves yet we either procrastinate or simply ignore them. Let’s stay away from the non-financial items here for today (eating well, sleep, etc) and focus on things that all of us should be doing:

-Paying ourselves first (it’s by far the most proven way to save money)
-Keeping a budget or at least track of our expenses
-Manage and limit the amount of debt and interest paid on it
-Having a clear investment plan that will make it possible to retire on time
-Reviewing on a regular basis our investments, the fees paid on them, and adjusting if necessary

These are all things that we all know we should do, that are fairly easy to put in place but yet a majority of us can’t get done. Why is that? Are you taking care of your finances and investments? If not, what’s keeping you from doing so? You obviously know that you should right?

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