Why Apple (AAPL) will be almost impossible to stop

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fRemember those days when the RIAA was complaining about customers no longer buying music? Well, turns out they are although the model has changed. And so has the power as it has shifted towards Apple. Thanks to this nice graph from Sillicon Valley Insider, we can get a better idea of how dominant the company ran by Steve Jobs truly is. They are to digital content what Amazon has been to physical content like books.

It is no surprise that Apple is so dominant in musical sales of course as it has such a dominant share in music digital players thanks to its Ipod. But of course, with the growing sales of the Iphone, many other features will be coming. The most obvious right now is the “Applications” market, which has such a range that there is no end in sight. With every game, digital book or movie being sold, Apple gains not only profit but also power as its Itunes gains more and more control. In fact, it is quite interesting right now to see Google trying to fight Apple over the recent rejection of an application designed by Google, “Google Voice”; you can read about it here as the FCC is now involved in the matter.

There are now increasing rumours of an upcoming “tab” that would compete with Amazon’s Kindle, which could gain an important share of the digital book market but also potentially become an entry into the future world of newspapers/magazines.

Personally, I have been a happy blackberry user for a couple of years now but even I am starting to think about switching to the Iphone when my contract comes up for renewal because of the increasingly impressive list of features being offered. More and more, it seems like non-Iphone users are being left out of the party, not the best feeling in the world I would say.

As well, at this point, there does not seem to be anyone close to being able to compete with Apple in these markets. Microsoft, Sony and Amazon are all working on alternatives but it almost seems like the only problem Apple will have might be with anti-competition authorities in the US (because of the fact that it blocks other hardwares from connecting to its Itunes as well as because of its increasing power of negotiation when it deals with content suppliers that wish to sell their items on Itunes.

It will be very interesting to see but I would argue that Apple is in a very strong position right now!

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