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Good Sunday, I hope you are spending a great weekend and hopefully not surrounded by snow like some others around here… (sigh):) Ah well, with football and some great readings, I guess I won’t complain too much!

US debt now equivalent to entire US economy, how to invest @ DarwinsMoney
Best Canadian Dividend Stocks for 2012 @ TheDividendGuyBlog
2012 looks like a good year for the markets @ HopeToProsper
Public’s view of Capitalism @ AllFinancialMatters
How a financial adviser could help you @ InvestWithPassion
France and others downgraded @ ZeroHedge
UK debt infographic @ BorrowingMoneyOnline
ETF asset growth @ TheBigPicture

Tech Stock Readings

12 stocks for 10 years @ The Curious Cat
Murdoch admits he screwed up with MySpace @ TheNextWeb
Why Samsung is the next Apple @ TechCrunch
The Twitter-Google chess match @ ReformedBroker

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