Weekend Readings – Winter Is Near

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Ahhh the temperature has started dropping, I’m now getting ready to install my winter tires and have to go shopping for a new shovel… it’s not something I look forward to. I hope that those of you who do not have a winter are thankful for it:) Ok, ok I won’t complain too much now.. the worst is yet to come unfortunately:) Here are a few good readings for the weekend;)

General Readings

Gambling vs Investing in stocks @ InvestorJunkie
USA fiscal cliff – better than past behavior? @ CuriousCat
Major fat finger in Sweden @ Zero Hedge
Tax the rich @ TheFiscalTimes

Dividend Readings

Investment blogger of the month: MyOwnAdvisor @ DividendStockAnalysis
Walking the path @ DividendMantra
Why dividend investors should never touch principal @ DividendGrowthInvestor

Tech Readings

Zynga shares sinking a bit lower again @ TechCrunch
30 minutes with Yahoo’s Marissa Mayer @ Youtube
Andrew Mason on his way out at Groupon? @ AllThingsD
What has changed (VC investing) @ AVC

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