Weekend Readings – Long Weekend:)

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summertimeFor most of you readers, this is a long independence weekend. For many others in Canada, that long weekend ended a few days ago:) In any case, I hope all of you are enjoying the summer so far, it’s going by so quickly but I guess it’s ok if we’re enjoying it:) I know that this weekend will be about watching Wimbledon finals.. You can’t imagine how happy I am that I was able to set aside some time for this:)

General Readings

The risks of too big too fail institutions has only gotten worse @ CuriousCat
Why behavior is half the battle @ ReformedBroker
Gold continues its massive decline @ WSJ

Dividend and Passive Income Readings

PepsiCo: Not bad at $80 for 2013 @ DividendMonk

Tech Stock Readings

Amazon to take on Fedex and UBS or should it buy it? @ SeekingAlpha
Google is working on a watch AND gaming console? @ FloatingPath
Apple (AAPL) finds it difficult to divorce Samsung @ WSJ

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