Weekend Readings – Labor Day Weekend

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labordayAhhh bitter sweet:) On one hand, I love this weekend. It’s the middle weekend of the tennis US Open, one of those rare US & Canada long weekends where all North American markets are closed and the weather is usually amazing. Even better, it means the start of the NFL season is now less than a week away and I can now prepare for my fantasy league drafts:) The one (very big) downside is that this also marks the end of summer for most of us. Ah well.. I’ll enjoy it as much as I can and I sure hope you will do the same. If like me, you only have a few weeks of warm weather left, please enjoy the outside. And if you’re looking for a few good readings to enjoy, here are a few:)

All the best to all of you!

General Readings

Hedge funds under performing big this year @ WSJ

Passive Income/Dividend Readings

Tech Stock Readings

Facebook (FB) surges past $40 @ AllThingsD
Google investing in Uber @ AllThingsD
Amazon’s shopping spree @ Bloomberg
The Pentagon as Sillicon Valley’s incubator @ NYT

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