Weekend Readings – Fiscal Cliff Looming?

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A few days before Christmas, I don’t think I’ve ever had less shopping left.. it certainly feels good to be a bit in advance, hopefully it’s the same for you:) I’m certainly looking forward to taking a few days off… I wish almost everyone the same.. those trying to get a fiscal cliff need to keep working, it’s a bit depressing that Boehner could not even pass his own plan through last night.. if he can’t get Republicans on his side, how in the world could Democrats work out a deal with the GOP?…

General Readings

Going off the fiscal cliff a good thing? @ DarwinsMoney
HFT: Speed isn’t the problem @  Pointsandfigures
Fiscal cliff infographic @ ZeroHedge

Dividend Readings

Income focus: COP and PSX @ DividendMonk
Emera EMA Dividend Stock Analysis @ TheDividendGuyBlog
Abbott labarotories: Quality dividend aristocrat @ DividendGrowthInvestor

Tech Stock Readings

Lessons learned from Facebook’s Instagram fiasco @ TechCrunch
RIM reports smaller loss than expected @ TechCrunch
A brief rant against the people ranting against Instagram @ Atlantic

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