Weekend Readings – Dropbox valuation?

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BZ_GXADCMAAez6_I hope I’m finding many of you well rested after a well deserved Thanksgiving break!! I’m enjoying a few more hours of Football before the final stretch towards Christmas gets started, I can’t wait:) Here are a few good readings!

General Readings

Wireless carriers are evil @ TechCrunch
Peter Lynch used to make money, now he gives it away @ NYT
Short selling lesson from SAC @ ReformedBroker

Dividend/Passive Income Readings

The only way to find a stock’s intrinsic value @ TheDividendGuyBlog

Tech Stock Readings

Dropbox’s valuation is pretty steep @ TechCrunch
The social/communications map @ Stretchery
The Fall and rise of Yahoo @ GigaOm

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