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A dear friend of ours has been working on a big project that we think will be an extremely solid project. It is a documentary: “I’m fine, thanks!”. I highly recommend that you go see the latest post about it as well as the trailer, it is on ManvsDebt! Here are some other readings that I recommend for the weekend:)

General Readings

Please, DON’T Buy Company Stock in Your 401(k) @ DarwinsMoney
Figuring out the real price of college @ NPR
What is the New Floor for Oil Prices? @ BeatingTheIndex
Market cap as a % of GDP @ The Big Picture

Dividend Readings

How dividend aristocrats have done over the past 5 years @ TheDividendGuyBlog
5 Reliable Dividend Payers Boosting Payouts @ Dividend Monk
Dividend Achievers List @ WhatIsDividend

Technology Readings

Pandora’s results, bigger revenues and losses @ TechCrunch
CEO Of Knight Securities Blowtorches The NASDAQ For Bungling The Facebook IPO @ Clusterstock


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