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The_Americans_season_1_DVDAhh.. thrilled that my favorite tv shows are back on air. Am I the only fan of “The Americans” which restarted yesterday? With that, Suits (next week) and Game of Thrones starting in a few weeks, I’m very excited:) In the meantime, in case you’re planning on doing other things than watching tv, here are a few readings along with an interesting parody that Netflix did!:)

General Readings

The joy and freedom of working until death @ TheBigPicture
Miami is Wall St South @ BusinessInsider
What kind of investor are you? @ WaPo
The internet is fucked @ TheVerge
The Future of news business @ A16

Dividend & Passive Income Readings

JM Smucker fair @ $100 @ DividendMonk
Do not focus only on retirement income @ DividendGrowthInvestor

Tech Stock Readings

Icahn attacks eBay @ Fortune
The Netflix (NFLX) – Comcast story told right @ StreamingMedia
Samsung releasing a new phone @ TechCrunch


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