Weekend Readings – No More Football

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Wow, can’t say the Super Bowl was up to my expectations and that marked the end of a great season so now I have to find something else to do on Sunday’s:) Haha:) Just kidding of course, my wife is more than happy that it’s finally over;) Here are some readings that you might enjoy have a great weekend!

General Readings

How Goldman Sachs rescued Libya @ TheDailyBeast
Why Bitcoin matters @ NYT
Wall Street’s Greatest Trader is back @ Forbes

Tech Readings

Uber might be worth more than Facebook someday @ NewYorker
Facebook turns 10: The Zuckerberg interview @ BusinessWeek
Is Yahoo (YHOO) worth saving? @ TechOpinions
Battle of the box @ Stretchery
Uber and disruption @ TechCrunch
Is search changing? @ BlogMaverick

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