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Well well well… With Facebook finally announcing its IPO date (May 17th), the next month should be very interesting:) Then next week there are Apple earnings, the NFL draft (where my Colts will draft Andrew Luck! Yahoo!)… ! So this week is all about resting and watching some NHL playoffs:) How about all of you? Hoping all of you are doing well!

The man who broke Atlantic City @ The Atlantic
Are High Yield ETF’s The Latest Trend? @ BuildYourETFPortfolio
Don’t expect to spend over 4% of your assets annually @ CuriousCat
Spring Cleaning Our Passive Investing HQ @ Menvator
How does your income stack up against fellow Americans @ Darwins Money
Why reserve numbers matter for oil & gas @ BeatingTheIndex
5 things Tim Tebow can teach us about stock investing @ BalanceJunkie

Dividend Readings

Dividend investing guide @ DividendMonk
Dividend yield should not matter for dividend investors @ TheDividendGuyBlog
Dividend investing misconceptions @ DividendGrowthInvestor

Tech Readings

Google Q1 Earnings @ ZeroHedge
Microsoft beats estimates @ TechCrunch
It’s not about Instagram, it’s about mobile @ TechCrunch

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