Weekend Readings – What’s Going On In Wimbledon?

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The Championships - Wimbledon 2012: Day ThirteenI am a big tennis fan and Wimbledon is clearly a unique event in so many ways. I know a few of you have been watching.. I still can’t believe all of those early losses.. Federer, Nadal and so many others… it’s been a memorable first week! Now hoping to see a Murray-Djokovic final… and maybe a couple more wins for Eugenie Bouchard?:)

General Readings

Why is it so hard to hire great people? @ TheAtlantic
Insiders are buying and that’s good news @ Marketwatch
Why aren’t the top journalists rich? @ Priceonomics
Investors running out of the bond market @ NYT

Dividend Readings

Stocks beyond numbers – 5 golden rules @ TheDividendGuyBlog
Waste management unappealing for 2013 @ DividendMonk

Tech Stock Readings

Is Mark Zuckerberg the new Bill Gates? @ PandoDaily

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