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lost_kristen_bell_veronica_mars_2I just love this digital era. Have you ever heard of the TV show Veronica Mars? I don’t know much about it but my sister was a big fan. They were unable to get funding for a movie so they went through Kickstarter to get funding and they’ve destroyed their goal.. filming starts this summer.. over $3M already.. amazing right? Check out their project here. Here are a few

General Readings

Life insurance as an investment @ LifeInsuranceDoesMatter
Vanity Fair’s Bill Ackman profile @ TheReformedBroker
Pauk Ryan’s budget simplified @ TheAtlantic

Dividend/Income Readings

How spending cuts will hit your portfolio @ TheDividendGuyBlog
What does early retirement mean to you? @ InvestItWisely

Technology Stock Readings

Netflix (NFLX) launches speed index @ TechCrunch
Spotify vs Pandora (P) @ TheBigPicture

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