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spring-in-Japan-spring-13476523-1600-1200Is it me or does it feel like spring is FINALLY around the corner. I can’t wait…! By the way, I’ve been looking at using Passbook on my iPhone..do any of you use it? If so, what are your thoughts? Seems like a good idea but I have not played with it yet.

Here are some good readings for the weekend! Have a good one:)

General Readings

How I helped my brother take control of his finances through ETF’s @ BuildYourETFPortfolio
How much of your current income to save @ CuriousCat
Risk and investment @ Monevator
Wealth inequality.. not an easy problem to tackle @ TheAtlantic

Dividend and Passive Income Readings

The sector that will beat the market in 2013 @ TheDividendGuyBlog
Canadian dividends and the tax credit @ DividendNinja
Pros and cons of dividend ETF’s @ ThePassiveIncomeEarner

Tech Stock Readings

Facebook (FB) updating newsfeed @ TechCrunch
Google building a same day shipping competitor to Amazon prime? @ TechCrunch

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