Weekend Readings – Super Bowl Weekend

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SBVery exciting stuff.. I was happy to see the Pats go down (sorry to anyone who wasn’t) so now I’ll be fairly happy no matter who wins it. I’m just hoping for a good game and I’ll either be happy for 49ers, a great defense.. or for Ray Lewis! Are all of you planning to watch the game? Any outcome that you’re hoping for?

Before we get there, here are a few very interesting readings that you might enjoy!

General Readings

NY Times attacked by Chinese hackers @ TechCrunch
The power of habit investments @ ZenHabits
10 ways to simplify your investing @ TheBigPicture

Dividend Readings

Finding double digit growth dividend stocks @ TheDividendGuyBlog
General Mills (GIS) dividend stocks analysis @ DividendMonk
Costco (COST) dividend analysis for 2013 @ DividendGrowthInvestor

Tech Readings

Is it time to sell Apple (AAPL)? @ CuriousCat
Facebook (FB) reports very solid results @ Facebook
Does the new Blackberry phone stand a chance? @ TechCrunch
Amazon (AMZN) soars on slower growth, lower guidance @ ZeroHedge

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