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Well the Colts are out which is certainly sad but I’m still very much excited about my favorite sports weekend of the whole year.. 4 games, the 8 best teams, battling it out. It’ll be amazing! Go Broncos, Texans, 49ers and Seahawks.. I hope at least 3 of you can pull this off:)

General Readings

Health care costs still rising @ CuriousCat
Health care costs exploding..nice chart @ TheBigPicture
CFA jobs – what to expect @ SmartFinancialAnalyst

Dividends and Passive Income Readings

What can we expect from dividend stocks in 2013? @ TheDividendGuyBlog
Real estate as dividend income @ DividendNinja
Why are US dividends so much lower than the rest of the world? @ TheBigPicture
Lending club and prosper updates @ InvestorJunkie
Are bonds as safe as they seem? @ ThePassiveIncomeEarner

Tech Stock Readings

What  a new cheaper iPhone means @ TheAtlantic
Major challenges for Marissa Mayer at Yahoo @ AllThingsD
Apple increasingly focused on China @ Bloomberg
The future according to Larry Page @ Fortune

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