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For those of you with iPhones, you might have heard that Google had released a new “maps app” which seems to be up to expectations, thus much better than the current Apple maps.. It’s fascinating to see all of the relationships, good (bidding together for patents, etc), the lawsuits, competition in mobile, etc.. We’re lucky to be consumers stuck in the middle of this don’t you think? Anyway, that might seem like a random rant:) Wishing you all a Happy Friday, here are a few readings that I recommend:

General Readings

Questions to ask before hiring a financial advisor @ FinancialSamurai
Proof that most stock prediction medthods don’t work @ Monevator
How I got my kids excited about saving and investing @ DrawinsMoney

Dividend Readings

Dividend stock death? @ TheDividendGuyBlog
Railroad stocks analysis @ DividendMonk

Tech Stock Readings

Things are moving Fast at Yahoo @ AllThingsD
Jeff Bezos business person of the year? @ MarketShadows

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