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Obama or Romney…who will win? I find it so interesting that while some surveys say Obama leads by 4-5%, others have Romney with the same lead. Yes, there are margins of error.. but not to explain what’s truly going on. I get it, surveys are very much an imperfect science. I personally use live “markets” where people put actual money to see what the most likely results are. If investors/gamblers are willing to put their money, I’d say that is the most likely outcome. Where do things stand now? Today I looked at both InTrade (event trading) and Betfair (sports/political betting)

Betfair: Obama given about 67% chance of winning
InTrade: Obama given 64.7% chance of winning 

Do you trust survey results? 

Here are a few readings for the weekend if you have some free time:)

General Readings

Actual wealth vs perceived wealth @ BalanceJunkie
Exxon Mobile acquires Celtic exploration @ BeatingTheIndex

Dividend & Passive Income Readings

Procter & Gamble (PG) dividend analysis @ TheDividendGuyBlog
IBM: solid value? @ DividendMonk
Are most dividend investors frugal? @ DividendStockAnalysis
Why I love being a landlord @ InvestitWisely

Tech Stock Readings

The new eBay @ TechCrunch

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